July 11th, 2003

thugs, politics

They pegged it!

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Got it in one, and they're right. I am a threat. :) More to the point, I'm a Berkeleyian. :)

(Trying to write about the recall for live from the nuke free zone (or as tangaroa puts it, NFZ) and it's coming very slowly. But the mysterious Fourth Man has already opened an interesting discussion. Come check it out! either at the URL above, or through syndication into LJ account nukefreezone.)

And they said they'd stop the fighting
And they said they would bring peace
And they said they'd find a serum
That could cure all our disease
And they said they'd house the homeless
And put black and white in tune
And they said they'd feed a hungry child
And I hope it's someday soon.

Great Big Sea, "Someday Soon", off their self-titled debut album.
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