July 28th, 2003



move-in date: August 15th, 2003.

things I need to do tomorrow:
to the bank, get a cashier's check to mail back in with my parent's credit report.
mail that off.
clean off the kitchen table so I can do homework.
do dishes.
work on room a bit
pack dishes.

things I need to do this week:
work on room and pack

...I think that's it ATM. kat out.
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all these database errors are getting to me...

it'd be nice if somebody would let us know what was going on...


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hot hot hot

It was 113 and humid today in my little town. I've been fighting with the house temp all day too, it got up to 83 or 84 in here.

And my brain is melting. Want proof? I just said this in IRC.

[23:12] * katster wishes. I do have some Ben and Jerry's in the microwave...

It's near midnight, and I'm registering a temp of 80 at the moment. Whee. 77 in the house, at least.
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