July 29th, 2003


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First, before I get into this evening's topic, today is Zibb and mine's 19th month together. This one snuck up on me. I really love that boy.

Anyway, I'm a bit disappointed in me today. I've done next to nothing when I've been on my own. And I'm not sure why I haven't. I mean, I have to get homework done. And I have to pack. But I'm looking at the scope of what has to be done and I panic. And this is bad. I really need to do something.

It shouldn't be this hard. Binary trees are not difficult to understand. But i have some sort of panic problems with my programming abilities. And I need to get this done, goddamn it. and then do the other four assignments. I'm going ot die.

and packing the room is the same problem. I look at it and I get overwhelmed, which feeds the depression better than anything else I can think of. That's part of the reason I'm struggling in grad skewl so badly, is because I get overwhelmed easily. We'll see if it gets better this year.

Anyway, any tips on how not to get overwhelmed would be welcome. Thanks.
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Anaheim, home of all evil. ;)

So I was poking through my old posts, and I came across my "upset the giants lost the series" post.

And then I fell over laughing, because mrfnord replied to that post with:

I say we nuke Disneyland in retribution.

Christ, the next thing you know the Mighty Ducks will win the Stanley Cup...

And I fell over laughing because of how damned close that came to being true. %)
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hot! hot! hot!


it hit 116° today. It's 5:30 and still 115° at the airport. And there's cloud cover.

I think I'm melting. I have no AC (it broke late last week), and the swamp cooler is valiantly trying to keep me cool, but is blowing mostly hot air. it sucks.

Remind me to yell at my folks for leaving without looking at the AC. even the cats are feeling the heat, and I'm worried about them, the air is so stale and hot, they've got to be having problems...

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