August 14th, 2003

nemo, seagull, mine

because I'm bored...

and I don't want to clean my room, here's the contents of my dice bag by type of dice.

1 d30
1 smiley face eraser (with nose drawn on one smiley face so it can be a quick and dirty d2)
7 d20s
4 d12s
14 d10s (8 with 0-9 printed on them, 6 with 00-90 printed on them
10 d8s
6 d4s
3 cheater d6s (though they're not much good for GURPSing...about the only good I can see of them are if I'm a GM and I really need the odds towards an Infernal Intervention on my side...rolling stats in Palladium with 'em was so much fun, though...) (And katster admits her beginnings with Rifts...oh the horror!)

and, as a sign of my embracing the GURPS side of the force:
59 d6s. :)

I'm a roleplayer. I like dice. what can I say?

I used to have a d100, but I don't know what happened to it. Probably around here somewhere...along with other dice that have wandered off missing.

Okay, back to cleaning the room.

[Edit 8/14/03 2:34 PM: I found 48 more d6s in a box, bringing my total to 107 d6s. I'm a GURPSie. I need to find a real game to use these in. Not that Will's game isn't a real game, but we use a dice bot there.]
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sleepy, awww

katster rants on the edge of sleepyness.

Well, it's the homestretch. I have to get everything cleaned up this tomorrow and put away or hauled out in the living room (to get hauled out into the van to go back to Berkeley with me. I'm not looking forward to it. It's what I've been trying to do.

Anyway, there's progress. the room looks tons better. I just have to finish now, and that's the hard part.

as for java, I think I've given up.

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