August 15th, 2003

sleepy, awww

temporary net.deadness.


I'm just about packed up. In less than two hours, my mom is going to be coming in here to wake me up and get me moving. And then we head out, first to Davis so that jillcaligirl can sign her lease and do the walkthrough, and then it's off to Berkeley to turn in my lease, do the walkthrough on my place, and start moving items in.

I found my digicam (zibblsnrt, I didn't have it all summer, it was in one of the boxes in the garage.) and I'm going to take pictures of the empty apartment and then prolly some shots while we're moving stuff in, and then once I've got it set up the way I want. I'm hoping that this year will simply go better because I'm living on my own for once, but we shall see.

Anyway, this is sayonara until I get a connection back. First it will be the two hour berkeley dialups and then I'll get my DSL. But it'll prolly be Sunday before I can even dial in and talk to you all about what I've been and done and seen. But anyway, I'd better get to bed.

Sleep is good, after all.
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nemo, seagull, mine

my new place.

So...much to my shock Sprint got the phone line working today, and so here I am on Berkeley dialup from my new apartment.

I swear, my one bedroom apartment is bigger than jillcaligirl's two bedroom apartment, but don't tell her that. (And mine is all mine, where she's sharing with two other people. OTOH, I'm paying through the nose for mine.)

DSL will be ordered on Monday, probably. Going to probably go with Speakeasy. And tomorrow is the big movein day. After the cleaning lady finishes, I'll take pictures, and probably upload them Saturday night, 'cause I wanna take more pictures with all the furniture in. :)

Anyway, I gotta put up bathroom stuff, bbl.
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