August 22nd, 2003

upset, sad

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can't sleep. perfect sum up of a shitty day.

a friend is too busy to find out why i don't think i'm okay, and that hurt. I got shit done. I'm scared to death of going back to classes. And Covad claims they can't install DSL because my address doesn't match my phone number. And it's not like Sprint's given me a bill or anything yet. AAAAAARGH. And i hate timezones, and i hate the fact zibblsnrt still lives with his parents, because they go to bed ata sane and reasonable hour, which is too darn early Pacific.

'sbout it. just one ofthose days.
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pissed, angry

two weeks.

it suxx0rz. But I ended up going with Comcast, since I suddenly didn't have DSL options. Part of me is rather angry with Speakeasy for not pointing this out up front, because I probably could have been here for the techs this week, if I had known that going with a third party telco provider would do this.

Anyway, can anybody give hints on hooking me up with dialup that doesn't expire every two hours, that's cheap, for the next few weeks?

It's a fracking mess.

I love big business...
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