August 28th, 2003

scared, trapped

thoughts from blue

w00t! made the last BART train back to the East Bay tonight!

It's not as crucial as it used to be, making that last BART train home, because I have a Cal student bus pass and AC Transit is wiser than BART (running a bus once an hour into downtown Oakland throughout the night). If BART would run one train an hour, it'd be better than this "must desperately make last train of the night".

(Although rumour has it that AC Transit wants to cut the A. Fsck.)

Anyway...I'm writing this in my semagic client on the train. I went to SF today, to catch a movie that looked sort of interesting. It was pointed to by mikz, and as I had nothing better to do, I decided to go. So, I met mikz and his friend K there (I dunno if she has an LJ name, or if she feels comfortable with me revealing her full name, so that'll do for now.) Anyway, the flick was called Truth and Lies about 9-11.

It was interesting, but I'm not sure if it was interesting in a good or bad way. If every word of it is true, then it's pretty depressing. Anyway, it's a speech put together by the guy that publishes From the Wilderness, which is ... well, an alternative news magazine. (As you can see when you visit the homepage, there's an ad for a copy of the movie I watched tonight.) And while I'm still processing what it's all about, there's a part of me quietly whispering that goddamn it, this isn't my America.

Y'see, as a kid, I was brought up to believe that government was good. And even when I got older, and could see where the government flubbed a few things...y'know, it was more incompetence than malice. I, and probably every other American, wants to believe that government is really and truly mostly good. Which is probably why all the cognitive dissonance, and I feel sorta depressed about the future of my country.

I dunno. Not sure what to think at the moment, because I'm not sure what to do.

And AC Transit sucks. I rode the 51 four times today, and once was it anywhere resembling reasonable. AC Transit has a budget crisis, which leads me to wonder why they don't save money by not printing schedules. They don't stick to them anyway.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. As I have no real pressing reason to go to Berkeley tomorrow (short of getting a reader, which I can do Friday), I think I'm just going to sleep. After this week, I deserve it.

(really need that thoughtful icon.)
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