September 4th, 2003


monogamous bad! :P

*eyes the radio*

So, if you're monogamous, or don't like having sex in public, well, you think of people as property? But if you're poly, or you're willing to have sex at a sex party or on a webcam, then you don't? This seems wrong.

And if you use open source programming, you're more likely to be kinky?

Well, I mean, I'm monogamous. I'm that way because I'm simply not interested in anybody but zibblsnrt, and while we've not really had much of a chance to establish a sex life (that's an LDR for you), but I suspect neither of us is into voyeurism, partly because we're both reticent. So, because I am simply not interested in anybody other than Zibb, and I don't like the idea of showing off in front of a webcam, then I think of Zibb as property? It doesn't seem to follow.

Anyway, if you're curious, the show on the radio is Working Assets Radio, and while the show isn't archived yet (they're playing it at the moment), scroll down to Thursday's entry, which is "Sex and the Machines". It's sounding like a neat show otherwise, but I'm biased at the moment because of what the interviewee on the program is. (I don't have her name, because they've not said it since I've been listening.)

And she just insulted folks in monogamous relationships again, the interviewee. Argh. This just bugs me.
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o/~ shake rattle and roll o/~

I ought to realize, when there's a sudden *SLAM* and your entire bed jerks, it's probaby an earthquake.

Judging by the page, I am very close to the epicenter. Waiting for a Richter determination...

[Update: 4.1 apperantly]

[More update: adjusted to 3.9]
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