September 19th, 2003

gravity, surreal

I like my phone plan, and fun with landlords

This is why I like my all you can eat calling plan:

Long Distance Summary

Line/Card NumberTotal No. Of CallsTotal No. Of MinutesAmount
(510) xxx-xxxx351448.0$0.00
Total Long Distance Charges351448.0$0.00

Now, I have to get the "Three Days Notice to Pay Rent or Quit" notice straightened out. I paid my rent, like a good katster should, but somehow a check got lost and the first I heard about it was the threatening notice from the management company. Luckily for me, it's a cashier's check, my mom's got the stub from the bank, and I can go inquire about it first thing tomorrow morning.

Which means I need to go to bed. that on top of an emotionally exhausting day...

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