September 22nd, 2003


fun with tylenol-3!

okay, attempting to put together a 3D puzzle while hepped up on codiene isn't a good idea. This stuff really knocks me out of my gourd. It's almost worth getting hurt to get the stuff...


In other news, my psych appt for today was canceled out and rescheduled for Wednesday. Yay! And even though I cancelled in the 24 hour block before the appointment, they're not going to charge me the twenty bucks for not showing up. 'Cause as I said on the answering machine, "I'd have given you 24 hour notice if I'd have known I was going to burn myself in the 24 hours before my appt."

yeah, burns suck.

and it hurts right now, but I don't *care!* I'm hepped up on codiene!

I should go to bed soon.

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