October 22nd, 2003

sleepy, awww

weird things in my head...


it's too early int the morning to be getting up, too early...

I couldn't sleep, and so I ended up getting closer to four hours of sleep than eight, but it should work. And for the longest time, I recall lying there, with my eyes closed, trying to pretend to sleep without actually being asleep. And maybe I'll actually sleep at a reasonable time tonight.

So, I had a dream tonight that was kinda crazy, I volunteered to give a presentation on very little data, and somehow I did it (information management as a sports metaphor)...except for earlier in the dream we were gathering to watch the Cal game, and hope that Michigan lost to Nebraska, which makes no sense at all, since Michigan and Nebraska are in different leagues. But if Michigan lost, Cal was going to the Rose Bowl. it was kinda crazy.

Things didn't hang together very well, because the place was supposed to be SIMS, but yet it was larger than that, and somebody made reference to the business school when I got told I was suddenly giving a presentation. And we tried to hop the elevator, but it was in a kitchen cabinet (kinda like one of them dumbwaiters) and so we hiked the stairs, but first I had to let the Tin Man in the back door. That was pretty weird.

And then the person I was supposed to be doing the presentation with, we went to do a bit of research before we gave the presentation, and somewhere along the line, the person I was presenting with morphed into zibblsnrt, which was kinda cool, because I got to introduce him as "My boyfriend, Patrick Stewart" to a crowd that included my second grade teacher, except for I think I said "Yeah, he's flown all the way out here from New Brunswick" when he's really from Nova Scotia. And somehow, even though he was talking about something related to geographical units and I was talking about sports as a metaphor for information flow, we tried to bundle the two presentations together, and after I rambled (having had no chance to ignore my notes), and somehow Cal football become SF Giants baseball (unless Barry Bonds suddenly ended up playing for Cal, and football involves nine innings), and I rambled about double switches and the metaphor, and ended up leaving poor Zibb thirty seconds to do a ten minute talk.

And then the alarm went off.

This is about as disjoint as my dreams get, and I'm surprised that none of it involved the book I was reading just before bed, which is best characterized as In Nomine in the 22nd century...I'll have more to say when I finish, but yeah, it's as if some horrific GM decided it would be fun to combine In Nomine and GURPS Cyberpunk and maybe a bit of GURPS UltraTech and GURPS Bio-Tech and throw it all in a world where secular humanism is dead, dead, dead. There's an amusing quote about Unitarians in the book, though, and I'll share a bit later after I've taken my shower and gotten more awake.

(Speaking of which, poking at the SJgames page, I really want GURPS Shapeshifters, but it's not out quite yet. There are lots of GURPS books I want. I am a poor college student. Alas.)
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Tearing apart and rebuilding

Okay, so in my new product development course, we got to pull apart VHS tapes today. it was a lot of fun. :) Your fearless correspondent--ooh, I love words that came out out of French--anyway, your fearless correspondent was given the task of pulling it apart. Granted, one of my teammates helped, and accidentally knocked a few pieces out of place that we didn't know where they went. So when we went to pull the thing back together, we died. I spent the next thirty minutes of class banging my head against the plastic, trying to figure out where one piece of plastic went. Finally, after fighting with it, I dropped the final piece into place just as class finished.

When kat is in just the right mood, she'll happily bang her head against a project until it goes. Not about to let a stupid piece of machinery beat me...unfortunately, people are much more frustrating, and a little more resistant to katster desperately trying to fit the last piece in. So I'm trying to deal with a slightly more complex situation in which somebody hurt me, and it's been part of a repeated pattern. And I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. I'll get it figured out eventually. it's just tough.

'cause people are slightly more complex than VHS tapes, and slighly resistant at being prodded at with screwdrivers. :)
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