October 25th, 2003


This is amusing.


Okay, the following picture is a still capture of a scene that would be noted as "Establishing Shot: Exterior of United Nations". (Holy crap, I actually learned something in Marc's class!) I'm not going to give hints because that makes it easier to get the answer, but there's a reason I laughed at this shot. Why? And what movie is it from? (Yeah, I captured it off the DVD.)

(There's a bigger version linked to the shot below in case you want a 640x480 view.)

Answer in a few days. :)
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    Walt Disney - Tarzan - Two Worlds

the berkeley broccoli board...

I was going to sleep and then I realized I had a powerpoint presentation mockup to do.

So I amused myself (it's a public service announcement that broccoli is good for you) by giving the presentation little broccoli bullets. And it reminds me of the time we took my mom's friend's kids to the Bay Area to take me back to school, and they were so excited because they got to go to Broccoli for the day. (It started as a mispronounce by the oldest of 'Berkeley', but they were so amused they called it that the whole day.) But I digress...

Now that I'm done, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow, I'm not going to the Cal game, instead I think I'll do homework.