October 27th, 2003

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Luns and I and this moment in time...

Luns and I were having a bit of a discussion about Canadian politics and the 'Unite the Right' talks, and the possibility of Mike Harris getting the PMship of Canada...and Luns said, "If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd care about Canadian politics, I'd have asked for some of what you're smoking." (Luns is from Toronto, for those not in the know.) And I said, "What, you didn't think you'd be sitting in a coffeshop in Berkeley discussing Canadian politics with an American?" And he laughed. And I said, a bit later in the convo, "Y'know, I think it took you coming to the States to make you realize you were a Canadian." And he agreed. :)

And later, he and I came up with this:

Day one: Mike Harris elected prime minister of Canada
Day two: Quebec seceeds.
Day three: Mike Harris becomes first assassinated prime minister of Canada.
Day four: Canadian graduate of UC Berkeley arrested. Claims he did it to 'keep Mike Harris from doing to my country what he did to my province"
Day five: Graduate student thanks people of Canada for not having the death penalty.
Day six: Alberta reinstates the death penalty...

...and so on, and so forth.

It was pretty amusing. %)
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And the answers to the trivia...

(Please refer back to this post for the picture in question.)

Anyway, I broke up laughing at the shot because the flags in the shot, for those of you who don't have any idea at all, are the provencial flags of Canada. (Best response to it was shannonwest who immediately said, "Quebec's in the UN?!" as her first response.) Credit given to her, phenyx for guessing it without help, and zibblsnrt, who just needed to realize that *his* provencial flag was there to get it. So yeah, Canada is the entirety of the UN these days.

This is doubly funny when you consider that the flick is basically 'bad Revalations fanfic'. Yeah, as in the book of Revalations in the bible. Yeah, your humble correspondent has a thing for bad Revalations fanfic, which is why I have the movie version of that wonderful fundie series Left Behind, which means that, yes, mrfnord gets credit for a proper guess. :)

(Oh yeah, and Luns would like to inform us that the UN is apperantly Toronto City Hall -- he had fun watching the movie on my laptop with the sound on mute, just trying to get an idea of where things might be taking place -- which led to my amusing crack about Mel Lastman, Toronto's mayor, being the Antichrist. We knew Canadians were evil, we just didn't know how much. *grin*)

I know half my friends are staring at me in horror, and I'm about to say one more thing. I like 'em. And that's *despite* agreeing with everything Slacktivist is saying about the things. They are bad. They're bad Revelations fanfic. They're also a fun way to kill a few hours.

And I should state that I was raised in a fundie church. No, my folks aren't churchgoers. My mom's a lapsed Catholic and my dad's an agnostic, I think. So, jillcaligirl and I used to go to church with our grandmother, and that side of the family is mostly fundamentalist. (Strangely, they've got the idea that I'm a good Christian girl. I don't try to dissuade them of this notion too much.) So I had my phases of devout religion. The problem is, I've always been a near voracious reader, and a thinker, so I've never managed to stick with it for a long time, which is why I find that I have a better spiritual home with the Unitarians. Anyway, about sixth or seventh grade, I stumbled across the book 666 by Salem Kirban at my aunt's house (and if y'all think the Left Behind series is *bad*, I got news, there's *worse* out there). I was starting to acquire a taste for dystopic fiction, and what's more dystopic than the Rapture and the Tribulation Period, seriously?

I don't believe the theology. I don't like the preachyness at times of the Left Behind books. But...maybe I can enjoy them because I know the mindset. Besides, to each his own, no?
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