October 29th, 2003



Slight hurts this morning, but 20 hours of sleep (even if it does mean a part of my brain boggling as to where Tuesday went) seems to help alliviate a lot of the bad mood that was plaguing me yesterday morning. and the hurts are fairly minor, and it's stupid they're plaguing me.

Thinking of buying a pair of softball cleats. Not sure, though.

that's the state of the katster this morning, now back to your regularly schedule programming
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upset, sad

I hate working in groups...

I'm feeling somewhat left out from everything, and it's reinforced when my groupmates send out an email with the following instruction:

- Attire will be business casual (no jeans, T-shirts, or hats)

And I don't have much in the way of business casual, and they set out this requirement too late to get something to work. *sigh* Sometimes I really wonder if my group hates me or something. :P
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