November 7th, 2003

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Yeah. I went, and it was great. Even if I had to hike back to Coliseum BART in the pouring rain, and then hike up the escalator because the crushing loads of people killed it. And even if I did have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of seeing somebody I know outside of the setting in which I know them (namely, my psychiatrist in Rockridge BART.) But yeah, I had a blast.

As I'm writing this entry, I'm two weeks shy of my quarter-century mark. So how the hell does somebody born in the Disco Era, a whole eight years after S&G went their seperate ways, come to find herself at a concert meant for the baby boomer crowd that grew up in the roiling sixties? It's a fun question, and it has to do with parents who just missed the sixties agewise and the beautiful poetry of one Mr. Paul Simon.
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Anyway, I'm rambling here. The short of it, somebody not quite twenty-five loved the concert. I'd gotten to see Simon once before, when he was touring with another famous singer-songwriter from the era, and believe me, it's interesting to see just how far Simon and Dylan had diverged from common roots in the New York folk scene. But that's not the concert that I went to tonight. Tonight was Paul and Art, together again. And this near twenty-five year old couldn't believe how close she'd come to letting this one slip through her hands.
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Yeah. I had a blast. Even in the nosebleed seats. And I need a music icon.

and the years are rolling by me
they are rocking evenly
and I am older than I once was
and younger than I'll be
it's not unusual
nor is it strange
after changes upon changes
we are more or less the same
after changes
we are more or less the same

--missing verse from the Boxer.
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