November 16th, 2003

love, zibbnme


still m. pleased how game is going.
still boggled at Cal football.
still have too much schoolwork.
still love zibblsnrt v. much.

(and that last is why I used the icon I did.) :)
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gravity, surreal

dreaming again.

okay, weird dreams. it started with me dreaming up an instant transport system (as the scientist who invented it, not me.)

Then I fell back into myself, and discovered that archangelbeth was visiting in my town (I don't remember quite why). So I go up to meet her, and in earlier correspondence, I had decided to give archangelbeth the IN books out of my collection that she didn't have. (Those of you who know who archangelbeth is will understand why this is quite hilarious.) [inflection pointed out that this could technically come true, if I wrote an IN book and gave it to archangelbeth, so I ought to clarify by saying very specifically it was one of the Rev. Cycle books (I think 4, but I'm not sure) and the EPG.] But she had to get back, so she gave me the responsibility of getting some of her stuff to her through the tubes. And I killed her goldfish by trying to send it through the transport tubes after her -- at least I caught the clue and didn't try to send her dog.

Then in the third part of the dream, I started out as the scientist again, and made it so you had to wander through the tubes naked -- something about quantum irregularities and the less shipped the better, the clothes went in a seperate tube. Then I found myself as the member of a criminal family and due to a malfunction out of the Oakland tubes, she had to come home naked (the clothes just weren't shipping through the tubes for some reason) and this was horribly embarrassing for her. I had ideas (as this persona) about how the tubes could work better, so I set up a meeting with the scientist guy that I was in the first piece of the dream. And it turns out I was the technical guru of the criminal gang and we had a nice long talk about how the tubes worked, and how they could be fixed to avoid this malfunction, and it was getting pretty interesting...and then my phone beeped. Game over.

My dreams tend to be highly plotted, and there's some backstory and the scenes seem to flow into one another with some semblance of logic. Although weird things happen in the field of the dreamscape, it all fits together in some coherent story. I *really* wonder why this is so.

And maybe it's appropriate that in the IN game I play in, my character is very close to signing over to working for Dreams. (Poor inflection thought that he'd get us all to play celestials after he introduced us to the world, but we all, after the first arc said, "We like playing humans!", so the game has continued on like that.)
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Holiday cards!

This is one of my favourite things to do over the holiday season, and this year, I might just try to get started early. I call 'em Christmas Cards, because that's the holiday I celebrate, but I can do them for any of the holidays, really. (When is Hanaukah this year, anyway?) Anyway, my goal is to mail a card to every continent, but since I don't know anybody in South America or Africa or Antartica, I'll have to make do with the ones I've got.

But yeah, if you want a card, just fill out your address here. I set the poll so only I can see the answers, so don't worry about that, although if you feel better emailing me, that's cool (that address is

Thanks! (And if you filled it out last year, please do it again. Thanks.)
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