November 19th, 2003

dream, thoughtful, quiet

six today

I turn six today. Collapse )

four in the morning
crapped out, yawning
longing my life away
I never worry, why should I?
it's all gonna fade

--Paul Simon, "Still Crazy After All These Years"
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    Paul Simon - All Around the World or The Myth of Fingerprint
scared, trapped

tired morning


forgot my pills.

it suddenly dawns on me that maybe that clue by four last night is why I feel on the outside with regards to my team. There's no real place for the skills I brought to the table, and ... well, y'know.

bleh. feel the suck.
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gravity, surreal

o/~ a very merry UNBIRTHDAY to me o/~


I appreciate you guys all trying to wish me a happy birthday, but my birthday is not on a Wednesday this year. Which means it wasn't last Wednesday, and it wasn't today. ;) And I'm not sure if I should be horrified 'cause y'all are trying to make me older than I am, or just greatly amused.

Granted, this seems to have happened because I mentioned a countdown last tuesday, and then made my annual manic-depression anniversary observation this morning.

I mean, I'm horribly amused, since it seems like people just aren't understanding my crazy moon language. ;)

So, hold off for a couple days, gang, and I assure you that you'll have the chance. ;) Friday's the day.


While I'm thinking about it, another round of Good Idea/Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Wearing the t-shirt that horribly degenerates your rival school during rivalry week.
Bad Idea: Wearing said t-shirt to an appointment with a alum of your rival school, when she's doing a favour for me.

Yeah, this dawned on me this morning, so I put the rivalry shirt up for Friday and Saturday and wore my shirt from the city that took Juan on the chin. ;)
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random places.

I find the most interesting places to get online from.

Today's place? McDonald's. Killing a small bit of time before I get to where I'm supposed to be, since I'm early.

Yes, for those of you who are about to accuse me of warchalking, I paid for it. :)
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