November 20th, 2003

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rivalry, homework, and kat's stupidity

the rivalry between Cal and Stanford is a fun one. I mean, I'm diehard passionate about my Bears, but I suspect that the scene that took place tonight between an ex-Rally Comm member (some say you can never leave Rally, and I think they have a point, but I'm no longer active in the committee) and an ex-Axe Comm member (which is Stanford's rough equivalent to us, sorta) in the middle of Big Game Week wouldn't happen in many rivalries. And we had a fun conversation, even with a few jibes back and forth. "I owe you." "Well, how about an Axe?" "I don't think so."

[Point of order: The Stanford Axe is the trophy of the Big Game, given to the winner. Right now, it's in Cal's possession because we won the Big Game last year. This makes up for my class never once having the axe in its possession, as Cal lost the '95 Big Game, and then proceeded to lose every one until '02 (last year). Hence the jibe. I was amused.]

Anyway, even if most of the conversation centered around cereal, it was nice to meet somebody I've been communicating with since I started college and started hanging around (Which was way back in 1996 for those keeping track.) So thanks again to ladycalliope for being willing to test out the prototypes and answer some really weird questions about cereal. :)


Need to do something about this lack of sleeping, I think. No more nethack after 3 AM, I think, and a few other things.

I think I'm just fighting a battle of nerves. The nemesis that says "what the hell are you doing in graduate school?" has picked up big time, and I think I was quite stupid this afternoon in giving away an interesting project on the hopes that somebody else would pick me up to work on their interesting project. And the problem is, I have a group that will take me, but it's something I'm *really* not interested in, and I really need something that'll keep my interest if I'm going to survive it. It was stupid, though, because the folks who are my SIMS classmates seem to not want anything to do with me, and they definitely don't want me in their groups, and that kinda stings. So trying to play the martyr backfired horribly on me. Silly kat. :P

So I think I'm going to email Marc and talk to him and see if I could do my original idea after all. But I'll do that in the morning, once I'm sure that's what I want to do, and then I'm going to get busy.

On the other hand, procrastination is good, because this landed in my lap: "Spam: Hurting email and degrading the Internet environment," by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Here's some highlights:Collapse )

Anyway, I ought to sleep now. Night, LJ world.
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i had a dream where zibblsnrt broke up witg me and *wouldn't* tell me why.

it really sucked.

although i wonder if it's weird that i dream instant messenger conversations.
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