November 24th, 2003


oops. ought to be interesting to see if I can give my presentation tomorrow seeing as how I yelled my voice out Saturday.

But anyway, since three hours of sleep is better than none, I'm going to bed now. G'night LJ world.
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read the spam report, hit a roll, and now I have 25 slides for this morning ready. I'm going to bed.

*splat* be up at seven or eight. Most ironic thing? My voice is still shot, and giving this presentation could be fun.
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Life, the Universe, and Everything...

no voice.

presentation is now moved to next Monday.

In some ways I'm glad, because it gives me a bit of time to refine the presentation as opposed to the seat of the pants affair it is now. On the other hand, it would have been nice to get it over with.

And paper is due a week from Friday. Stress relief all the way around. w00t.

Now to figure out 246.
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