November 28th, 2003

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A day...

Random musings about the day:

On November 27th, 1978, Dan White shot and killed Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk in San Fransisco. The reasons don't really matter now, as White killed himself in 1985.

This was the case which launched the infamous term "Twinkie Defense", which is, as you can see by the page linked is actually somewhat false. The story is somewhat sadder because Harvey Milk was probably the first openly gay politician in America, and probably led indirectly to this year's blockbuster ruling in Lawrence v. Texas.

It is Milk that I'm sorry that my life intersected with his by only six days, because I would have really liked to meet the guy. And so, it's probably fitting that I remember Moscone and Milk, and even White on this day. For it was this odd story that shaped San Francisco into the city it is now, and it helped a certain Berkeley undergrad get her degree.

But I think griffen and worldmage would appreciate Milk especially. :)


Thanksgiving was nice. I like spending time with my family, and having a day just to give thanks. But now it's time to throw myself in a busy three day weekend, one which includes starting my paper, doing milestones 2 and 3 for my multimedia class, and getting a start on my research paper. I also want to go over my slides and sorta plan monday's lecture. Plus I have my aunt's wedding and a late birthday celebration for me.

And that'll kick off a very busy week. But I think I'll do fine.

Another thing I'm attempting to do is keep remembering to take the pills despite the change in routine, which is something I've been notoriously horrible at doing. So far so good.

And now it's time for me to get myself to bed. Bed, kat, bed.

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wow, that was a weird dream..

I don't remember all of it, and while people were people, they didn't really have any correspondence to their RL counterparts. It started in the jungles, where the indiginious people were forced to mine for these cross-like things. Then it turned into a piece where a friend, I think it was Luns, and I were teaching this underwater girl (well, it was underwater, but we could breathe just fine, that was weird) how to live in our society, 'cause the underwater people liked to secretly come in our world and influence it. (there were three races, humans, these underwater people, and the gargoyles (is what they were called, but nobody quite understood why except that they lived in cave like things near the underwater people at the end of the BART line from Berkeley.

Anyway, at one point, after the mundanity of teaching this underwater person, I suddenly realized that not only was I hurting for money, and that's why Luns was helping me, as a favour. But i hadn't told him about the bet that I'd made with the underwater person's father, and that if I failed...So I went to the end of the line, and was going to do more tutoring, but I wandered into the gargoyle part of the caves. Then there was a cut scene, where Luns came looking for me, only he wasn't really Luns, he seemed more like jtwilson for some strange reason, and I felt somewhat like Zibb but not totally, and we hook up in this LotR type game, and it turns out I'm at the field where they're going to install the crosslike things on people's bodies, because it made them into supermen. (Note that I was kidnapped here, not that I'd made a voluntary choice.) And I watched these crosslike things get horrifically nailed into people's chests, and they handed me one and I inspected it and found it not to my liking (they had to very specifically be cross-shaped, and not missing a prong or have any weird deformities). The first one they handed me was broken, and the second one they handed me was cross shaped in a weird fashion and I kept trying to get it exchanged. Then they called 'F', and for some reason here I was named 'Fred Flintstone', I have no clue. And I'd been watching, and people were surviving this process, but I couldn't see any other change in them, but I said, "Okay, I'll do it, but I want to have a perfect cross." And the guy who was supposed to install my cross looked at me in awe and said, "You're Fred Flintstone', like there was some honour in installing it on me. Which was kinda weird. Anyway, I finally got a perfect cross, and then I had to take some time to prepare for some reason (I don't know why, nobody else had to), so I went into a room and read the piece of paper that promised the benefits, and pulled up my shirt and stared at my chest and all the weird deformities there. Then I pulled the shirt off.

And somebody saw me through the window when he was out with a walk with his kids, and came up to complain. I hurridly put my shirt back on, snuck over long enough to hear the guy singing lyrics to "The Capeman", Paul Simon's musical, in his complaint (which was the mp3 playing when I woke up a few seconds later), and so I hurridly ran back to get my cross installed before he could convince her to shut the place down (even though he lied and said I specifically exposed my balls to him, which is funny, 'cause I hadn't, but I realized I had both them and breasts. that was weird.) Anyway, I had to strip my shirt back off for cross installation (and the best take, and we were hurrying, and he stuck my cross on my chest...and then I woke up.

What a weird dream.

I know the last part is shades of Hyperion, but I haven't read that book in a while. Wonder what the hell was going on here. :P
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happy things

Mmmm...just had a turkey sandwich from yesterday's leftover turkey.

Autumn (the old, sick kitty) and Britney (the dog) demanded I share.

All is right with the world.
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