December 1st, 2003



My postponed presentation is today. It's going to be fun, but wish me luck over the next hour.


[Edit #1 11:55 AM: God, the second speaker is *boring

[Edit #2 1:15 PM: It's done! Yay! And I mailed the slides to Yale, he liked them.]
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we're going to a bowl!

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Out of my email:
"I can't wait for the day when we're leaving the hotel for the bowl game. To see the lobby packed with Cal fans, happy and excited... That day is here."
-- Jeff Tedford, Head Coach, California Football

Earlier today, Cal Football (7-6) accepted an invitation to play in the 2003 Insight Bowl on Friday evening, December 26 in Phoenix, Arizona! Cal takes on Virginia Tech (8-4) of the Big East Conference, in the 15th Annual Insight Bowl at Bank One Ballpark. The game will be televised to a national audience live on ESPN at 5:00pm (PST), and marks the first-ever game between the Golden Bears and the Hokies.

Well...they beat Miami, we beat USC. It ought to be a fun game. :)
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