December 5th, 2003


Fun with SIMS.

On the one hand, I cannot find one small videotape with a project on it, even though it needs to be digitized for it to count. (Which is not a requirement he originally stated, but added after the fact. I'm hoping that will be enough to convince him it was done, because he *saw* it, in class.)

On the other hand, it dawns on me that even if I flunk this class, unit totals of 12, 13, 9, and 9 will be more than enough to graduate. So I need to worry more about filling my incompletes than anything else. And so I'm going to make a unilateral decision to turn everything in late, and do so. (How did I miscalculate that 12,12,12,and 8 makes 42? it's 44! gaaaaargh.)

Anyway, that relieves the stress some and makes this more possible.

but a bit of sleep now so I can get up early and write my paper.
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