December 6th, 2003

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paper's in.

i need antibiotics. sinus infections suck.

wanna know what katster's up to when? Check her calendar!

that's about it right now. tomorrow I actually get work done on my multimedia project once I go to the doctor.

but bed seems like a good idea right now. night LJ world, or at least the two and a half of ye who are paying attention.

Everywhere I turn, I hurt someone/ but there's nothing I can say to change the things I've done
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christmas shopping

Argh, Christmas shopping. Can't afford much this year, am horrible at picking out gifts, and I really need to figure out what the Secret Santa person I've been assigned wants.

On the other hand, I have half of zibblsnrt's gift, and I just need to frame the picture of us for his folks to have half of theirs. :)

Anyway, socks on, shoes on, to the doctor, and then I can worry about this. :)
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