January 1st, 2004

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the church of the great outdoors...

Hi. it's 2004 and I'm back.

There's a winter storm raging around my house tonight. Nothing particularly horrible, just wind and rain, which is more typical of winter storms than the snow on Monday.

When I'm at home, though, I like participating in the church of the great outdoors. It goes something like this. I have a lovely black lab that likes having a ball thrown for her, and through some luck, we came up with a glow in the dark ball. Now, it's pretty dark in my backyard, but it's mostly flat and free of obstructions, and Brit loves to chase the ball. Hence the glow in the dark ball, so the human can keep track of where Brit is by where the ball is. :)

But anyway, she gets needed excercise chasing the ball, and I get to look up at either the stars or the clouds, depending. The stars are the best, because with cold temperatures, they look like diamonds on velvet. So small and so beautiful. And yet every single one of them is a big ball of glowing gas, most of 'em bigger than our own daystar. It's that realization that makes one feel so very small and so very big at the same time.

The clouds are less fun than the stars, but it's still fun to go out and watch them race across the sky in such a hurry to be somewhere. It's a quiet message from God, I think, reminding us all to slow down, things will be done in due time...

...and yeah, I believe in God, but not in the patriarcial "I'm going to smite you if you don't behave" sort of way. God just is, and I don't really find him incompatible with science and technology. But I'll ramble more on this subject later.

using my unitarian chalice icon for this post, because this is religious thinking. :)
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the dossier

Figured I'd do this one too...even though I usually do it at the end of February, at my journal's birthday.

Account type: Permanent Account
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Date updated: 2004-01-01 03:59:47, 10 hours ago
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More later.

[Edit: As an interesting comparison, here are the stats from last March:

Journal entries: 1,030
Comments: Posted: 1,089 - Received: 1,977]
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