January 17th, 2004

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BB: Final Project Idea...

(BB meaning Best Brains, a notation from alt.callahans.)

Anyway, it comes time for the scariest semester in my master's program. (*bum* *bum* *baaaaaah*)

Final Project Semester.

I'd love to make something that everybody would use, sorta like how Brad ended up with livejournal in general, or something remarkably simple like Friendster, but...I can't think of any cool ideas to work with. So if anybody can come up with anything that would be cool and worth the effort, and would work for this, could you please throw them out?

(Oh yeah, and my classwork. I've taken the standard SIMS core (covered here, except my 208 was one full class), a class on XML, a class on multimedia information systems (which I hated), a class on networking, a class on information policy, and a class on new product development. This semester, I don't know what else I'm taking, except that one of them will probably be an information strategy course, and I'm leaning towards either a database class or a user interface class this semester.

Help is appreciated.

[Oh yeah, and new icon. This is for academic related stuff (it's UCB's seal)]
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to do lists...

Things to do in the next little bit:
  1. Pull out the CSS book; try to digest enough to change Live from the Nuke Free Zone's colour scheme from utterly boring MT black on white default to something more interesting.
  2. Do some of that java stuff that has been plaguing me since my first semester of grad school to at least start making an attempt to get it done.
  3. Clean my apartment.
  4. Try desperately to come up with a final project idea; run around in circles when you cannot.
  5. Try not to ponder the nature of popularity and the fact that you'll never really have the personality type for it.
  6. Did I mention do java? And maybe XML too?
  7. Come up with a character for miggy's game. Maybe two.
  8. Run in circles, scream and shout.
  9. maybe bother to actually answer LJ comments...
  10. I said, do Java, right?
  11. Do five impossible things before breakfast.
  12. ...and I think that's about it. I mentioned the java, right?
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sleepy, awww



can't get my brain to shut off...and it's six am. Whee.

I hate insomnia.
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sleepy, awww

the plan.

Okay, since I can't sleep, I'm going to Longs to see if they have any nice picture frames for use in framing a picture of Zibb and me for his folks.

I'm horribly behind at getting Christmas stuff done, it being the middle of January and I still haven't pulled it off. Anyway. Trip to Longs, then the post office, then a shower, and then hopefully I'll be tired enough so that I'll to sleep the afternoon away, I think. Sounds like fun.

[Whoops, it's Saturday. The post office isn't going to be open. They'll have to go out on Tuesday. Oh well. This gives me time to go to SF tomorrow and see if I can find anything nice for zibblsnrt's mom, and a couple other people. And stuff. Sleep is good.]
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