January 30th, 2004


Movie night.

In the fall of 1997, I lived in a suite that had dubbed itself "The Leo Lounge".

Now, I didn't have any say in the matter. The girls who lived in the triple (the suite was a triple room and a single room, and I had the single room. This was bound to cause trouble, and did, but that's an entirely different story.) were huge fans of Leonardo DiCaprio, and in the trait of teenage girls everywhere, couldn't get over the object of their affection. There were repeated showings of Romeo and Juliet on the VCR in the living room (which techinically belonged to your humble correspondent, but...) and they just couldn't get over at just how hunky he had been in Titantic.

After a semester of this, in which other disasters happened to taint my memory, I vowed never to watch a Leo movie again. And I kept that vow until tonight, when I finally got a chance to watch Catch Me If You Can. First, I was somehow able to believe that Leo was his character (it was Tom Hanks that I had to continually remind myself was supposed to be the FBI officer), and he didn't annoy me as much. Maybe I'm putting that horrible semester behind me. Or not.

I also cleared A Mighty Wind from my to be seen list. And that's funny. And I even like some of the songs. :)

Just figured I'd mention it. Now bed, and doctor in the morning, to get this goddamn sinus infection taken care of (my head hurts -- they will do something about it.)

And I now know the real reason Luns wants to go back to Ontario: http://www.cbc.ca/mondayreport/videos/ontario.html (needs flash, but is hilarious).
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