February 12th, 2004


late night musings.

Dear Universe:

Why am I still awake? It's 2:30 AM, and I have 9:30 class. And I can't skip it today, having skipped it Tuesday to finish my project report.

Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Insomnia sucks. Depression sucks too. At least I'm not horribly anxious like I was last week, the pit of anxiety is shoved off a bit. But I'm still scared.

Anyway, this is me rambling, so I'm signing off. Working on a CD called 'Somewhat Obscure Songs about California'. :) But I should really try to go back to sleep.
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Minor Bear Basketball thought

Cal hosts #2 Stanford this Saturday at Haas Pavillion. They've played both the teams that haven't lost a game yet, and those scores have been:

St. Joe's 59
California 57

Stanford 68
Cal 61

So they've been two close, well fought out games.

Things are going to be very interesting this Saturday. Very interesting indeed.
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feeling good

shadesong asked: What brings you pleasure?

and I said:


The way I feel when I achieve something hard. Public speaking (I'm nervous as hell before I start, but once I'm going, I love the feeling of talking in front of an audience. I'm weird.) Reading a really good book. The spark of a creative idea. My family. My pets. zibblsnrt, the love of my life. My really good friends (listing them all would be hard). Figuring out something tricky on the computer. Writing a particularly good essay. Nice comments on my blog. Writing fun comments. The days I feel connected to the universe. People going out of the way to do something nice for me. Giving time, energy, money, or gifts to my friends or others in need, sometimes randomly. Seeing a rainbow...

I could go on and on, but I think that'll do.

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