February 18th, 2004


mp3 meme

as seen in the journals of fb and mrfnord and tangaroa and primis and inflection

I went to 30. I have a ton of mp3s. :)

  1. Howard Shore -- The Steward of Gondor (featuring Billy Boyd)
  2. Three Dog Night -- I Got Enough Heartache
  3. Ben Houge -- The Tarant Sewers (Arcanum Soundtrack)
  4. Primus -- Eclectic Electric
  5. The Chieftains -- Chasing the Fox (with Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra)
  6. Simon & Garfunkle -- Cecilia
  7. Phil Collins -- Son of Man (Tarzan Soundtrack)
  8. Sheb Wooley -- The Purple People Eater
  9. Harry Chapin -- A Better Place to Be
  10. Jeremy Soule -- Reapers At Peace (Giants: Citizen Kabuto Soundtrack)
  11. Fairport Convention -- My Love is In America
  12. Homer & Jethro -- The Battle of Kookamonga
  13. Lifescapes -- Carolan's Receipt (this was one of those music CDs you buy at Target for $cheap)
  14. Nickel Creek -- Robin and Marion
  15. Natalie Merchant -- Kind and Generous
  16. They Might Be Giants -- Anqui (with Sarah Vow)
  17. Mutton Birds -- Dominion Road (thanks aris_tgd!)
  18. Lothlorien -- Ghostwood
  19. Dick Gaughan -- The Snows They Melt the Soonest
  20. Hanson -- Smile (I think this one is jillcaligirl's fault...no, it's off the Malcolm in the Middle soundtrack...)
  21. annA rydeR -- Who's the Fool
  22. The Alan Parsons Project -- Psychobabble (that's the fault of aris_tgd as well. *grin*)
  23. Folksmen -- Blood on the Coal (A Mighty Wind is a good movie)
  24. Janis Ian -- Society's Child (yay for people who let you download their mp3s!)
  25. Runrig -- Amazing Things (this is *also* the fault of aris_tgd. Can you tell she's had a big influence on my music choices?) :)
  26. Michael W. Smith -- The Other Side of Me
  27. Chumbawamba -- Jacob's Ladder
  28. Green Day -- King for a Day
  29. Markos Zúniga -- Half a World Away (yeah, that's Kos of Daily Kos if anybody reads political blogs)
  30. Five Iron Frenzy -- Oh Canada

And that's just a taste of how varied this mp3 collection is. And it's not all my mp3s, just all the ones I can get to in Windows. ;)
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