March 17th, 2004


the physics of the greatest song ever

[11:02] <Puppeteer> Here Keeb, you might appreciate this. The label on the JPV ArchChancellor's personal quarters Comm button:
[11:03] <Puppeteer> "AC's Personal Quarters. Do not press. Ever. I don't even care if a low-level initiate is being chased around the Great Hall by a Great Demon of Hell. I don't care if Creeping Horrors are slithering through the hallways looking for Japanese schoolgirls. Well... maybe then. Actually, no. Even if..."
[11:04] <keebler> :D
[11:05] <keebler> oddly reminiscient of a track on the new nuclear rabbit album
[11:08] <keebler> also, get up on the good foot is the Greatest Song Ever
[11:09] <katster> For this week.
[11:09] <keebler> and in perpetuity throughout the universe
[11:09] <katster> until you come up with a new Greatest Song Ever.
[11:09] <katster> :)
[11:09] <keebler> i think you're missing the point here ;)
[11:10] <keebler> all those other songs are still the greatest song ever too
[11:10] <katster> I thought "greatest" implied that it was greater than all others. My mistake.
[11:10] <keebler>
[11:11] <keebler> kat: naw, it's totally non-deterministic. all of the songs exist in superposition until i observe the current Greatest Song Ever and the waveform collapses