March 30th, 2004


o/~ we were flotsam on the wave of war... o/~

Ack. I'm up before the sun. Now while my friends in the working world are probably staring at this in horror and indignation, this isn't usual for me. And I'm still procrastinating slightly on homework, but I figured I'd been awfully silent for the last couple weeks, so here's a brief note on what's occupying processor time.

School obviously is the leading thing. I need to decide if I'm graduating this semester, and if so get busy. The problem is, I still have no motivation to do what I want to do, and I'm scared to fucking death of the future. Which is probably why my procrastinatory instincts have kicked in as much as they have. *sigh* I think I've definitely bit off more than I can chew, and I'm scared to death of this project, and I'm trying not to fall back into another funk because one is enough.

Softball's going well enough. We got our first non-forfeit non-loss last night, in a rather exciting game, and while I had a couple bad grounders, my last grounder with the bases loaded ended up scoring two runs (and we ended up with runners on second and third due to a wild throw). The two runs were enough to get us from being 6-1 down at the beginning of that inning, to being down 6-3, which set up the four run triple the next inning to put us up 7-6. Unfortunately, in the last half inning, they were able to squeeze another run across before we could bring 'em down, so we ended up with a 7-7 tie. Not bad.

Writing is tapering off, but it's still going pretty well. Right now, I'm trying to get a feel of where the other writers in our group writing project are before I start filling in gaps. It's rather nice realizing that I've written some odd 120k for this project itself, which I think is secondary to only the GM. :) And it's inspired me to stop slacking off on a few other projects. Granted, a lot of this is still procrastinatory, but it's more productive than sitting around twiddling my thumbs, no?

And in much to a startling development, my halfassed attempts at conlangging seem to suddenly be going somewhere. It started when I decided it was time to name Katze's sword in the proper Marrakethian (Katze is my character in the above-mentioned shared fictional universe). So I wrote a pronounciation guide, so that my beloved zibblsnrt, whom some of you know from conlangs, could help me out. One thing led to another, and I ended up secluding myself in a room with a chalkboard in Dwinelle Hall last night and scribbled all over the board, just trying to get conversation that sounded right even without having any clue as to what it meant. Thus was born the Notes on Mketh Grammar, which is pretty much a typed copy of my chalkboard scrawls. (if you really want to ph33r, check out the calendar. I'm still oddly proud of that one.)
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And no, I won't demand vidunka! of you. Even if you skipped all that conlang geekery or are from K'lin. ;) (DIE! or KILL HIM!, roughly -- vidun is the mketh word for war. K'lin? I'll let tanesmuti explain.) :)

Anyway, time for katster to quit procrastinating.
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