April 12th, 2004

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mockup #2 and softball...

Okay. Day #2 is over. Mostly a slow day, but I did play softball and get this done with a possibility of what data might be like in the finished product. I'm still not totally happy with the layout, but this is a lot closer to what I was thinking.

And I played softball, and was one for two righthanded, and one for one lefthanded. (Rules of our softball league state that when a team is up 15 runs, players on the team that's up have to bat opposite handed. That's the first time I've swung a bat lefthanded.) the lefthanded one was funny 'cause I popped it up, but it fell in, and when all was said and done, I was on second. And one time, I broke for third because there was nobody there, which *threw* the other team. It was a lot of fun. %) I scored twice too, and had a couple RBIs. And I teased the other team by hopping off third, trying to draw a throw, but a throw didn't happen.

And despite blowing a 20-1 lead, SIMS managed to pull off a victory by the score of 23-20. Go team. %)

Argh. I have a character muttering dark things about marrakethian holidays, at least it's better than Ensign Supply Clerk. Although that reminds me that since it's good form to poke the folks who created a character in the first place, I really ought to poke deyo about something...not totally important right now, but it'll come up soon, so it's a good idea.

Anyway, tomorrow is Tuesday and begins early, so I'm going to bed now, and I have to explain to my advisor why I only have a couple mocks done with a month left to go on this project. G'night LJ world.

[i need a working icon. hmm, should poke rosefox about that if she's still doing 'em.]
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