April 27th, 2004

by rouk, softball, play ball, baseball

softball, Luns, and busy days.

tired, bed, but first the softball update.

I went 1-3 in the first game, and 1-2 with a walk in the second. I also got knocked over both games. In the first game, I was fielding a throw at first and trying to get control of the ball when the runner just smacked right into me. She was safe in the end, I didn't have control of the ball when I fell over.

Second incident occurs at first as well, only this time I was running after my walk. The player at the plate slams the ball hard and I start going thinking it's going ot be a grounder. Nope, sharp line drive right to the shortstop, and he nearly picks me off first. That time, I got a glove in my face for my troubles, just under the right eye. Under the glasses, somehow. And an elbow to the shoulder. I was lucky, he was trying desperately to deflect the ball away from me. So I ended up safe, but...

Ah well, it ain't softball unless somebody gets dirty. ;)

And then I had a bit of dinner with Luns, and he noticed the book I'm reading (which is the Illuminatus trilogy, but I've only just started so no spoilers...), and made a comment about American society being the illiterati. ;) ...for some reason that amused me, so I figured I'd share.

and now it is time for me to go to bed, and ignore these papers I've printed out for proofing, because I have to be up at six AM. It's going to be brutal, the next couple of days. ;) (Wednesday is up at five-thirty AM, because I have to be to UCSF by eight-thirty. Family meeting about my mother.)

anyway, this here is the katster, signing off.
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