May 21st, 2004

sleepy, awww

just figured I'd share the email I just threw at my teacher...


Well, it's done. I just put all my assignments up through Cardea. If that didn't work, there's also a copy of the tar.gz file in my web directory:

I'll also drop a printed copy in your box sometime tomorrow just to make sure I cover all the bases.

I know I said early this week, but the latter assignments took longer than I'd anticipated to complete. But in the end, it's all done, and they're in.

I wanted to thank you for your patience over this, and for the time you put into me and my classmates, and as I wander off into the brave new world of finding a job, I'll remember what I've learned here. Even if it is "gah, java's a pain at times..." ;)

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