May 22nd, 2004

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So yeah, Mal (aka mrfnord) tossed a bunch of comic books at me, and they showed up last Friday. Now things being what they are, I've not gotten around to reading a good chunk of them until today. And part of me wishes I'd known this was what I was missing, because I've pretty much enjoyed them all. :) I mean, graphic novels are not my usual staple, but...yeah.

And now, I see that the nick he chose to use on NFZ has more meaning than my randomly calling him that when I didn't know if he was going to blog or not, but he'd made me a cool logo for use on the site. ;) This amuses me -- for nearly a year, I've been not catching this ref, and to find it now amuses me to no end.

So, when I find a job (yeah, I'm looking, preferably in the Bay Area, I've just got a nice shiny new Info Mgmt degree from Cal that I'm dying to use), I think I'll try to make a more regular effort to hit up the comics and gaming store a few blocks from my apartment. Damn you, Mal, you've given me a new obsession. ;)

[Edit 5/22/04 1:53 AM: Hmm, checking back on the NFZ has me quoted as actually saying this: "The fourth person...well, I'll introduce him when he decides he wants to make a post..." Guess it triggered random synapses, but I remember thinking my random commentary was why he requested the name he did. ...but now it all makes sense. ;)]
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