May 23rd, 2004

sleepy, awww

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I think life chose me, after all

"And I got a partner on jihadsf (she calls it jbay) so hopefully some of that will get worked on soon. And never let two people with overactive imaginations and time to kill anywhere near Pac Bell Park. Muah hah hah." -july 15, 2001.

okay, time to stop poking through LJ now that I've read all the 2k1 entries. I'm surprised that I come across less depressed than I felt, looking back at it. :)

but it is sleep time now.
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who I was and who I am.

It's neat, the insights you get from poking around your back journals.

Like this one, which speaks to me right now:

"Anyway, my therapist and I talked about this, and he pointed out there's an I Ching hexagram called "After Completion". And he points out it's not necesarily a good hexagram to get. Because, after reaching the goal, after hitting the high point, there's nowhere to go but down."

I'm done; what now? it's a common problem, and one I'm trying to combat at the moment. So yeah. I'll think about this some more and muse on it later, maybe.
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