June 27th, 2004

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Oooh, neat, I want.


I want. This could be absolutely utterly *useful*.

Alas, I need a job before I can do anything along the sort of fullfilling wants. ;)

(In designing sites, I've made extensive use of these folks' colour palatte. It's *highly* useful. Try it.
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laugh for the night

It's insomnia night at la casa de katster.

So I figured I'd share. I open my mailbox and find the following email in it.

D 13506 Jun 27 Estela@aaronkwok.n (950) nefarious and shocking content...

It's obviously spam, so I was going to ignore it, but I accidentally hit the 'n' key in the mail prior and it came up.

And the text of this email? Well, it was absolutely blank.

Nefarious and shocking indeed. ;)
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