July 27th, 2004

scared, trapped

random flotsam and jetsam

I need to write in this more. It's just hard.

I'm in the middle of a period where words flee any time I try to capture them. This includes my LJ client. So that's why the long silence.

Anyway, in other news, Mom gets out of the hospital Wednesday. Things seem to be going really well. She never needed a feeding tube, which is something they nearly expect with a transplant like mom's. And yeah, the next three months are crucial, but at least it's the height of summer, and colds and flu are somewhat less prevalent on the ground.

I'm busy finding my old friend, Mr. Depression Beast, is putting in an encore at the moment. That doesn't help.

But that's about it, other than being really fscking lonely and trapped in boringtown.
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