November 6th, 2004


crazy dreams and ambushes

Gah. I was having crazy dreams about spells that could turn girls into boys and all that crazy stuff. (Although I think the best line of the night was somebody trying to explain how the magic method was better than the usual surgical method, because the magic method actually made somebody fully into the opposite sex, down to the genetic level. It was pretty crazy.)

Anyway, today my mother has decided to ambush us all. Well, she's been trying to get us all in to see her counselor, but one thing leads to another, and it's been cancelled twice. So, apperantly, without *telling* anybody, she decided that's what we're doing today, whether we like it or not.

I'm ticked, not so much at the fact mom wants all of us in the same room but because she didn't tell us until last night. Thus I feel, and I'm sure Jill does, slightly ambushed on the whole thing. And she just wants us to communicate better. Well, it would start with you *telling* us things like this. :P

*sigh* Anyway, that's the day ahead.