November 7th, 2004

gravity, surreal

Amusement with airline schedules.

You have to like JetBlue.

They have flights out of three different airports I could theoretically fly out of (OAK, SJC, and SMF), and they have flights into the airport I'd like to go to.

But there is no connection between the two.

This is probably because they do cross-country hops only, and I dunnae wanna go cross-country.


They do go to Boston, though. I'll have to keep this in mind for next time I plot a Zibbtrip.

(Yes, katster is plotting to see a state she's never seen before, if there's any luck. Of course, once I get something figured out, I'd have to make sure there's a place I could crash in the state where I've never been before.)
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thugs, politics

what the Dems can offer.

I've been reading a lot of political blogs, attempting to make sense of things. One of the brightest spots on this journey have been the blogs of Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blogs.

And deep in the comments section on Teresa's blog, I found this wonderful summation of what the Democrats can offer by Bruce Baugh. And reading it -- well, it's a lot of the reasons I'm a Dem.

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