November 12th, 2004

gravity, surreal

dreaming again.

Neither dream was particularly weird, if you don't count the fact that folks from different places in my life popped up, and the fact the second took place entirely in IM convos and on the INML.

The first one was pretty much Cal, Cham, and I (I think) trying to get Mecha to behave in the pool area. You know, simple stuff like not running, and being nice to others, and not angrily tipping all the water out of the pool when he was upset with something... ;) It was a little weird.

The second had to do with some oddity that archangelbeth unleashed upon us all -- the golden monkeys. Or something like that, it was never entirely clear. And the hotel room where your dreams come true. That was related to the golden monkeys somehow. And most of the dream was spent communicating with people over IM or reading the INML where Beth was telling us all these horrible ideas. ;) I think we were playing in a game on IM, or were about to, or something like that.

And then the alarm went off.

But dude! Dreaming in IM conversations! That's just *weird*.
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