November 22nd, 2004

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for once, it's *good* to be a Cal fan.

Aaron Rodgers celebrates his Big Game win

This picture makes me happy. The player in the photograph is Aaron Rodgers, our quarterback, who hails from Chico, and went to Pleasant Valley High School and Butte College before ending up at Cal. And at 9-1, if we don't screw up, and if USC doesn't screw up, we'll be going to the Rose Bowl. For the first time since 1959.

I'd kill for Rose Bowl tickets and a trip to LA, but alas, it looks like it won't be. :P
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Thoughts and a meme.

All the strangers look like family/ All the family look so strange/ The only constant I am sure of/ is this exhilarating rate of change...

One of these days I need to babble about Peter Gabriel lyrics, but you shall all be spared that tonight. :) But that reminds me to tell you about my radio show, on Radio Free Mars. It's every Monday night, 5-9 PM PST. The next one will be general random tunage to celebrate birthday number 26, but a week from Monday I'm doing a theme show called "Kickin' It Eighties Style". You're all invited to tune in.

So, the birthday went pretty well. My relatives have all picked up on my lighthouse mania and fed it some more. Coolest was the gift from my aunt and uncle and cousin, which is one of those crystal bricks etched with a picture -- in this case, a lighthouse. How'd you guess? And I'm going to go see Incredibles with my grandma on Wednesday. Yay!

I don't want to get my fellow authors' hopes up, but there's a bit of percolation in my head, and if it decides to stay, there may be es3age by the weekend. (If that last clause made no sense to you, then don't worry, y'weren't meant to get the message -- short of it, I'm *almost* to the point where I feel like writing again.)

Anyway, it's time to sleep, but here's a meme for you, with my special brand of randomness. Enjoy. :)

My journal is called katster's closet because I've always liked the idea of closets as being places where we store things, and LJ has become the home of my day to day randomness, plus whatever else I feel like writing at the moment. Politics these days usually ends up over at the Nuke Free Zone, although occasionally I do post some of it here.

My subtitle is the flotsam and jetsam of a life because, well, it is. It goes along with the closet idea that randomness is here, and that y'all are kinda picking through the wreckage of my life at times, y'know? That and I just like the words 'flotsam' and 'jetsam', they're fun to say
My friends page is called the insane asylum because none of my friends is exactly the sanest. That, and it just seemed appropriate with the random opinions and thoughts on that page. :)

My username is katster because that's what I've always been online. It was my BBS handle, my email handle at Berkeley, my login on several different unix systems, and my IRC nickname. It's only appropriate that it's my LJ name too. And it's based enough on my real name that places that want your login based on the real name accept it.

My default userpic is the hand drawn cat because that's simply my logo. I signed high school yearbooks with that sketch, I still sign cards with it, and it's just in general my personal logo. That and because I don't draw all that well, it makes it simple but unique.
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