December 6th, 2004

oski, calbear, berkeley

all of this for what?

You see? Bear fans don't believe in fairy tales. 'Cause if this had been a fairy tale, we'd be in the Rose Bowl right now, not playing the fourth place team in the Big 12 in the Holiday Bowl. We've really got to find better bowl matchups. Hey Pac-10! Do something about this!

Yeah, I did a lot of crying and moping over Cal football yesterday, and I don't think it's over. 'Cause it still hurts. Funny. 10-1 season, and I'm disappointed. Go figure.

And you sit here thinking about might have beens and wonder if Tedford had shot for the end zone instead of taking a knee at the end of the SoMiss game, if that would have been enough to get Cal in the rose bowl, and you wonder if that's what it takes, do you want to root for a team that does those sorts of things? And when the BCS was supposed to take MOV out of the equation...why did it come down to one game that we had to blow the team out to go? *sigh*

Yeah. I'll stop being bitter. Just that this is typical Cal fan anguish -- fairy tale endings don't happen to the Bears. Not anymore. We used up all our fairy tale endings in 1982.

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