December 8th, 2004


yet more flotsam!

unemployment letter written for jill, and my flash drive with it on it is sitting on the bed. At least I managed to only convince her that I could edit, and not make the whole thing up from scratch.

got word that the copy of unknown armies I got my paws on shipped today, so that's another piece of good news. (damn you, mrfnord, anyway, but I've been doing this for months now, so it's nothing new under the sun...). Now if only the copy of GURPS 4e Magic would come off the press and to me, I would be a perfectly content katster. Well, mostly content. I think.

If I knew a way to get to the Holiday Bowl, to see Cal play, I would. (Hey, jrenken! Y'gonna be in sunny San Diego for Christmas?) But I feel much better about the possibility of future glory, considering the miracle man himself signed a five year extension to coach at Cal. Yay. Tedford is God. Well, as much of a god as the fickleness of Cal football will let him be. If God's a Golden Bear, he's got a funny way of showing it. ;) (And yes, inflection, I still hate Texas. At least for the moment.)

what else is new? Well the term's almost up. I've almost certainly failed a class, for the first time ever, but it's my fault so I'm surprisingly okay about the whole thing. I've got mega-research to do and only a week to do it in. I think I've scored zibblsnrt's christmas present. That makes me happy too.

And it's stormy and windy out, which seems to help my mood. Go figure.

I know I still have things I owe people, and things I need to do, and well, give me until the fifteenth, because right now, I'm drowning in schoolwork that needs to get done, and everything else I have to do comes second to that. So, therein lies the rub, eh? ;)

But yeah, I'm still hanging in there. Somehow. Don't ask me how, but I am. But I'm going to bed now.
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avatar, chillin

memeage, which is well timed. ;)

So, I was having the "if I was a D&D character, what alignment would I be?" conversation with zibblsnrt the other day. (I am *such* a geek.) zibblsnrt had no idea what he was, but I said I was probably somewhere on the border between neutral and chaotic good.

So tanesmuti digs up a quiz on exactly that. And I took it. And I was right.

Now to just get inflection to take it, and see if he ends up being the personification of Lawful Good. ;)

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