January 8th, 2005


calling all the bookworms.

This is pretty cool.

I'm just entering random books around my room at the moment, but I've always wanted to catalog the ones I've got. Unfortunately, this is a task that will take me most of the spring to finish, considering I have two bookshelves in here, plus books piled everywhere, plus about twenty crates of books between the room and the storage shed.

At least when the weather gets better, wireless might let me take the laptop to the storage shed. :)

Please tell me I'm not weird for finding this kinda fun?

Other note, while I'm thinking about it. I hefted all the existing GURPS 4e books thus far (Characters, Campaigns, Fantasy, and Magic) and those suckers all together are *heavy*. I shouldn't be complaining because they're really nice books, but damn, this makes it harder to transport the collection to where others are. :) I should invest in an RP milk crate. First, I ought to find people who would *want* to game before I worry about transporting books. ;)

[damn, I *really* *really* *REALLY* need a books icon.]
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