January 28th, 2005

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Tell me about you.

So, I beat gridlore over the head to get the secret passcodes, and I find this in his pockets. And I like the idea of getting to know all of you better, so if you wouldn't mind filling this in, I'd like it very much. (That and I'm bored. What else is new?)

01. name:
02. age:
03. where on earth do you live?:
04. what makes you happy?:
05. what have you been listening to lately?:
06. do you enjoy reading my LJ? (it's ok to say no):
07. if so, why?:
08. interesting fact about you:
09. are you in love at the moment?:
10. favorite place to be:
11. favorite quote:
12. will you post this in your LJ?:
13. tell me why I should read your LJ!:
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Try to comprehend the bigness.

You want to understand just how rural the Western United States is?

Well, here's the comparison of my county (Shasta County, California) to the state of Rhode Island:
Shasta CountyRhode Island
Area (sq mi)37851045

All figures courtesy the 2000 United States Census (linked from each name in the table above).

I'll have more to say on this soon on the NFZ. I think I feel a rant brewing.

(This inspired by a discussion a few days back in fairoriana's journal where the East Coast folks were expressing horror at how big the west coast is, and an article on rural counties and the budget in the SF Chronicle.)
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