March 5th, 2005

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On the subject of foo where foo equals random variables...

A couple thoughts.

On Frienditto: Two things said in combination here, both important. While I mostly post wide open about what's up with me, there are times that I do lock things down. It's rare, but it does happen. However, there is some expectation with the lock that it doesn't go beyond that selected group. While I still mostly subscribe to the "don't say anything on the internet that you wouldn't want splashed across the front page of the NYT the next day", there's enough privacy concerns that I must ask that you inform me if you use the service so that I may drop you. It's a general principle thing, I suppose. Since I feel this way about the service, it is fairly obvious that if you see a post by me up there, it is not my doing, and I'd appreciate it if I was informed so that I may deal with it. Thanks.

On Bad Revelations Fanfic: They've issued a prequel to the Left Behind series. (zibblsnrt: What, bad Jude fanfic?) Actually, no, it's about *before* they were left behind. Since I seem to have a taste for Bad Revelations fanfic...well, I'll be reading it. But it'll probably be bad. The thing that scares me the most was the following IRC convo on the subject: Collapse )

On the move and Cal tickets: I'm debating paying the money for Young Alum tickets for next season. On the one hand, I'll actually be living close enough to make attendance at games possible. On the other hand, it'll still be a bit of a hassle, even coming in from Sacramento. That said, I am doing what I can to make it to Big Game this year, which is at Furd, and promises to be interesting since they have a new coach and are hurting from the beating we put on them last year.

On the move: I'm really close to scaling my internet presence back somewhat just so that I can get through everything, because there just doesn't feel like enough time to get everything done. Really sorry if you love my divine presence or something. ;)

Other than that, well, y'know how to get ahold of me. That does it for this edition.
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