March 21st, 2005


dreaming again


very disjoint dreams in that they were scenes, and the scenes followed logically from one another (gaming a situation with archangelbeth on the moo turned into dreaming the apocalyptic situation we were fiddling with which connected into something otherwise unrelated but connected in some fashion). And I also dreamed rosefox and I snuck into an intern class at the local hospital. Go figure.

Maybe Looney Tunes before bed is not a wise proposition. I'll keep it in mind in the future.

Macavity flies off to Memphis to see the laptop doctor today. I hope they can fix it, because otherwise I have to shift budget to come up with another computer. (Prufrock's a good 'puter, but doesn't quite keep up as well as I'd like.)
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scared, trapped

oy, parents are insane.

So my mother woke up when I was giving the dog her morning allergy pill and handed me a list of demands.

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the funniest is three. Keep in mine the stars are on an eight foot ceiling, which I can barely touch with my arm fully extended. The mental image of cradling a phone while trying to pull down the stars...well, it's pretty clear my mother doesn't have much concern for safety. ;)

good thoughts for sanity *are* appreciated.
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