March 28th, 2005


the great spring break oddessy

First, a meme, courtesy of gandalfgreyhame:Collapse )

So day #1 happened. there's noticible progress in the garage, but it's got much much farther to go. I'm changing loads when I get the chance, and I fiddled a bit with my journal, but I have this sneaking suspicion there's no real *good* LJ layout for what I want to do and I don't particularly want to have to learn S2 for this. Sometime in the next couple months, along with *everything else*, right? ;)

Macavity's home, still broken. I'll take it up to my friend's work tomorrow and let them get started. If all goes well, I might even have a laptop back by the end of the week, but we'll see how it goes.

And we introduced's newest newbie to the wonders of #spork. It's going to be fun. %)

Right, and something I put in to be framed on the 11th of March, that I was told would be done on the 21st is *still* not done. Well, that framing store has probably lost my business. Grrrrr.

Anyway, I'm going to reboot and things to see if I can switch keyboards out.

More later, if I find anything interesting to say.
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pissed, angry


From Berkeley's webpage:

UC Berkeley police are investigating the theft of a campus laptop computer that contained files with the names and Social Security numbers of more than 98,000 individuals, mostly graduate students or applicants to the campus's graduate school programs. The computer was stolen March 11, 2005, when an individual entered a restricted area of the Graduate Division that was momentarily unoccupied.

At this time the campus has no evidence that personal data were actually retrieved or misused. However, in accordance with state law, UC Berkeley officials are making every reasonable effort to notify by mail and e-mail all 98,369 individuals whose names and Social Security numbers were on the computer and, as a precaution, suggest they consider placing a fraud alert on their credit reporting accounts. Read the campus press release for more information on the incident.

Data files that may have been accessed include information on the following categories of people. (Note that these categories overlap, so the same individual may occur in multiple files.)
  • Individuals who submitted applications for graduate school at UC Berkeley for the semesters between Fall 2001 and Spring 2004
  • Graduate students who registered at UC Berkeley from Fall 1989 through Fall 2003
  • Recipients of doctoral degrees from 1976 through 1999
  • Other small groups who will be notified individually

Guess who falls in two of those categories?

Guess who *hasn't* been notified by Berkeley yet?

Yeah, guess I've got a few things to do tomorrow.

(How did I find out? Luckily, my graduate program is interested in problems like this, so somebody mentioned it on the alumni list. Or else I'd have no clue...granted, it's still early, so...)
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