March 29th, 2005

pissed, angry

*kicks S2 hard*


To the maker of the component S2 style, what *brilliance* caused you to use the *entry* font (the stuff on the light grey) on the *component* box (the stuff in dark blue)? Especially when there is a *component* font entry, which you can apperantly seem to use some of the time!

Fuck, no wonder styles are so washed out. You have to, to get a font color that looks good on two contrasting colours. :P
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The Great Spring Break Oddessy, Part 2

So Tuesday passed with only minor progress on the garage, the progress I muster by keeping the laundry going. Hmm, will have to go do that again. But first, I need to run to town and get my framed object and my mom's scripts, which will take some time out of the day. Right now, though, I'm the only one awake, and I'm not going to mess with the peace I get when both mom and Jill are asleep.

This replacement keyboard sucks even more than my original. I will have to get a new one on Friday. Also, at some point over the next few days, I should probably attempt to reinstall Linux on prufrock. As for Macavity? Macavity is in the repair shop (it does *indeed* look like the traditional thinkpad problem) and is getting itself a shiny new keyboard (which moved from "nice" to "necessity" when I discovered that Mr. IBM Repair Guy lost both those keycaps that were loose before. (Typing without "u" is problematic; typing without "t" is damned impossible.)

But (a) there are high hopes for turning Macavity back from boatanchor into functional computer, (b) my data is safe and being backed up, and (c)I've got my friend's computer for the time being while I ponder re-installing linux on prufrock (or Win2k, though I think I need to do that hard drive upgrade before I ponder that).

Other than that, I'm still waiting patiently for my OotS book (and Patrick's as well), and I should have a CD coming from Down Under. (Redgum, for those of you who are Aussies on my friends list.)

The dog knows where Petco is too. We went there for a new collar after I dropped off my laptop, and she liked that very much. And it was a nice distraction from the garage.

It goes. That's about all I can say.

-end transmission-
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life with bipolar

The typical story with bipolars who do something tragic, or suffer a tragedy, is that they were not getting treatment or were off their meds. Or they were adding hard drugs and binge drinking to the mix. Either way, they are not taking responsibility for their illness. Much of the American mind-set encourages such behavior. Mental illness is a weakness. Mental illness makes you suspect. If you admit that you are mentally ill, then you are weak and suspect. So bipolars, depressives, and schizophrenics often reject, or barely embrace, the very treatment that will keep them from being the problems we fear they can become.

From Good Cop, Sad Cop, a story about a King County (Seattle-area) deputy fired for being bipolar and honest about it.

And that paragraph sums up so much. We have to fix the stigma before we can see any progress. And that's the hard part. Even me, who's got so much working for her, feels that pressure to be normal and not have to rely on the stupid drugs, which just makes the whole thing worse...but what can you do with society the way it is?

(thanks to spitkitten in bipolars for the pointer -- and this is another thing I should try to dig up an icon for.)
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