April 1st, 2005

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That day again.

The short version is, our brains process data by sending electrical impulses called neurotransmitters between billions of neurons via axons running between synapses, much the way buses travel between stations, or MP3 files travel between felonious suburban teenagers.

I ♥ Google. Even if you do need a Stanfurd (blah!) Ph.D to understand their april fool's joke. *run*

(and Tang's (tangaroa) parody of Atrios on NFZ is funny too.)

Oh yeah, for those of you who like Harry Potter on my friends list, I have to share Tang's other accomplishment for the day: Harry Potter meets the Net's longest running in-joke. It's brilliant. I highly recommend it.
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More Day of the Fishes....

...as the folks who run Berkeley's newspage get in the act: newscenter.berkeley.edu

My favourites?

Well, the trade between Berkeley and the University of Colorado: John Yoo for Ward Churchill. Tedford's new title being God (he deserves it!). Lakoff to switch parties. And other tomfoolery. It's funny as hell. Go check it out.
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